MuleSoft Meet up at Reading (Virtual)

A Virtual meetup was organized by Integral Zone on 30th September, 2021. The meet up was attended by a number of participants across the globe. There were two keynote speakers who spoke on two different topics:

  1. Building asynchronous REST APIs at scale. By Kalidass M, Director of Engineering at Integral Zone
  2. Why automated code quality reviews are indispensable? By Venugopal Janga, Head of Architecture and Engineering, API and Integration Services at Astrazeneca

Discussion topics included some of the following:

  • Asynchronous and REST API
  • Asynchronous communication in RESTful platform
  • Anypoint MQ and DLQ
  • Business and Application audit logs
  • State of Code Reviews 2020
  • Shift-left approach in code reviews
  • Challenges in code quality maintenance
  • Benefits of Automated code quality reviews

View on-demand video and slides of the meetup below:

To see IZ Analyzer in action, use this link to book a demo.

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