Top 10 most expensive software coding mistakes in the last 2 decades

We tend to compromise on code quality due to tight project delivery timelines. Sometimes, this lack of due diligence results in massive financial loss and significant damage to reputation. Here is a list of the most expensive coding mistakes in the last 2 decades.

1️⃣⏩ RNASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter: In 1999, a software error caused the Mars Climate Orbiter to enter Mars’ atmosphere too low, causing it to burn up and crash. The cost of the mission was $327.6 million.

2️⃣⏩ Ariane 5 Flight 501: In 1996, the European Space Agency’s Ariane 5 rocket exploded shortly after launch due to a software error in the inertial guidance system. The cost of the mission was approximately $500 million.

3️⃣⏩ Knight Capital Group: In 2012, a software glitch caused Knight Capital Group to lose $440 million in just 45 minutes.

4️⃣⏩ Lehman Brothers: In 2008, a software glitch caused Lehman Brothers to overstate its liquidity position, leading to its collapse and triggering the global financial crisis. The cost of the collapse was estimated to be $691 billion.

5️⃣⏩ Therac-25 Radiation Therapy Machine: In the 1980s, a software error in the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine caused patients to receive lethal doses of radiation. The cost of the errors was immeasurable in terms of human life and suffering.

6️⃣⏩ Patriot Missile Defense System: In 1991, a software error caused the Patriot Missile Defense System to fail to track and intercept an incoming Iraqi missile, resulting in the death of 28 U.S. soldiers. The cost of the error was immeasurable in terms of human life and suffering.

7️⃣⏩ Intel Pentium Floating Point Unit: In 1994, a software error in the Intel Pentium Floating Point Unit caused errors in certain mathematical calculations. The cost of the error was estimated to be $475 million.

8️⃣⏩ Mars Pathfinder: In 1997, a software error caused the Mars Pathfinder to reboot repeatedly, causing the loss of some scientific data. The cost of the mission was $200 million.

9️⃣⏩ Toyota Prius: In 2014, a software error in the Toyota Prius caused the car’s battery to fail, resulting in the recall of over 1 million vehicles. The cost of the recall was estimated to be $2 billion.

🔟⏩ Microsoft’s Excel 2007: In 2007, a software error in Microsoft’s Excel 2007 caused the program to return incorrect calculations for some financial models. The cost of the error was estimated to be $6 billion.

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