How KongZap Revolutionises Kong Gateway Deployment

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Published on May 25, 2023

How KongZap Revolutionises Kong Gateway Deployment

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face numerous challenges. Faster time to market is the only option business can choose. When it comes end to end Kong Gateway life cycle from deploying to managing Kong Gateway, every one of these challenges is applicable.

However, KongZap, a groundbreaking solution is a game-changer by addressing some of these obstacles and streamlining the end to end lifecycle of Kong Gateway.

This article explores the problems faced by organisations today and demonstrates how KongZap overcomes them to unlock the true potential of their Kong Gateway deployment at pace and at the same time meet the highest quality needs in one shot.

💡 Super Accelerated Provisioning

Traditionally, provisioning Kong Gateway has been a time-consuming and complex process, taking weeks or even months.

KongZap steps in to revolutionise this experience, allowing businesses to provision Kong Gateway within minutes or hours. With its intuitive graphical interface and streamlined workflows, KongZap eliminates the delays associated with traditional deployment methods, enabling organisations to rapidly establish their API gateways at pace and at scale as well.

💡 Tailored Deployment Configuration

Provisioning the different mode Kong Gateway for the different deployment variants can be quite challenging.

Every deployment is unique, and KongZap recognises this by offering a wide range of deployment types, covering both Traditional Kong Gateway deployment mode or Hybrid Kong Gateway deployment mode. KongZap can produce outputs targeting various installation options such as VM variants, Docker / Docker Compose, and Kubernetes variants.

KongZap can also provision full AWS stack in EKS in a fully automated fashion based on your custom inputs covering EKS provisioning, Application Load Balancer provisioning, Public / Private VPC configuration, AWS ACM managed certificates, Ingress rules mapping, Route53 mappings and AWS Aurora DB for Postgres. And configure Kong Gateway on the AWS instance. KongZap can provision the full AWS Kong Infrastructure with out even logging into AWS via KongZap UI console.

By providing flexible configuration options, KongZap ensures that organisations can customise their Kong Gateway deployment to align with their specific needs and infrastructure.

💡 Enhanced Security

Security is paramount in the world of API gateways. There are many components in Kong Gateway deployment and securing every component can be very challenging unless one understands all the various security configuration to setup.

KongZap prioritises security from day one. It enables businesses to secure Kong Gateway components seamlessly, implementing robust authentication, authorisation, and encryption measures. With KongZap, organisations can establish a secure foundation for their Kong Gateway infrastructure and protect sensitive data, mitigating the risks associated with unauthorised access and data breaches of Kong Gateway Infrastructure.

💡 Compliance with OWASP API Top 10

APIs consumed by customers from Kong Gateway also needs its own security. Configuring different Kong Plugins to meet the OWASP API top 10 for security can be a minefield to traverse.

KongZap ensures that APIs provisioned through Kong Gateway adhere to the guidelines outlined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) API Top 10 security. By implementing best practices in API security, organisations can fortify their APIs against common vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with industry standards. KongZap’s automated plugin configurations simplify the process of aligning API deployments with OWASP guidelines.

💡 Observability Tools Integration

For effective end to end observability the key pillars to address are log aggregation, metrics collection and end to end tracing for monitoring and troubleshooting. Kong Gateway provides many options to integrate into observability tools and Vitals can also confuse the observability tools understanding.

KongZap allows organisations to configure observability tools within Kong Gateway right from the start with ease. By seamlessly integrating with popular observability solutions, businesses can gain comprehensive insights into the performance, health, and usage of their APIs. KongZap empowers organisations from day One with the tools needed to identify bottlenecks, detect anomalies, and optimise their API gateway deployments.

💡 Seamless API Spec Deployment Automation

Getting from API Specifications to fully working Kong Gateway proxy configuration can be very manual process for organisations when starting the Kong Gateway journey. Moving from API spec to fully working Kong Gateway in seconds is critical for business from time to market standpoint. But at the same time consistency, speed, best practices and reliability can be challenging aspects to address.

KongZap eliminates the complexity surrounding API specification deployment by providing a streamlined process. With KongZap, businesses can seamlessly deploy API specifications to their Kong Gateway from day one using APIOps principles, enabling faster development cycles and reducing the time required to make APIs accessible to consumers. This provides accelerated time to market from Kong Gateway specific aspects, at the same time meet the consistency, best practices and reliability needs.

💡 Industry Best Practices and Recommendations

Any organisation that already has a fully working Kong Gateway Instance can often have this question. Is the Kong Gateway Instance at par with industry best practices? And does the Kong instance meet all the operational hardening aspects most organisations implement. This can be a difficult questions to answer. Keeping up with industry best practices is crucial for maintaining a robust and secure API gateway deployment.

KongZap can perform comprehensive assessment of the existing Kong Gateway deployment. KongZap goes beyond assessment. It provides organisations with detailed insights into their deployment’s compliance with industry best practices and recommends necessary changes to align with the current standards.

💡 Customised Scanning and Compliance

Every organisation has different compliance needs based it’s industry and other factors. These needs go beyond average industry best practices. For any large Kong Gateway deployment in federated model with decentralised teams, enforcing these non standard compliance needs can be quite a challenge.

To meet organisational custom rules and criteria, KongZap allows businesses to scan their Kong Gateway instances against custom-defined standards. By defining their scanning parameters, organisations can ensure that their deployment aligns with their unique compliance requirements. KongZap’s flexible scanning capabilities enable businesses to adhere to internal policies, regulations, and industry-specific guidelines.

KongZap is power packed with features to make the end to end Kong Gateway lifecycle less challenging. KongZap represents a transformative solution for organisations seeking to optimise their Kong Gateway deployment. By addressing the challenges associated with provisioning time, configuration flexibility, security, compliance, observability, and best practices, KongZap empowers businesses like never before.

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