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Create your First Custom Rule on IZ Analyzer

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Published on March 5, 2021

Create your First Custom Rule on IZ Analyzer

Creating a Custom Rule is one of the most exciting features of our Code Analysis Product, IZ Analyzer. Better yet, all it takes is a few lines of simple groovy script!

This short video shows how to create, define and execute your first custom rule in IZ Analyzer.

Give it a free try here:

Write you first custom rule on IZ Analyzer

One Reply to “Create your First Custom Rule on IZ Analyzer”

  1. For creating custom rule and auto fix in Mulesoft Anypoint studio. Would like to know if there’re extensive documents on the variables exposed, such as use case of each of them, data structure, key attributes, interface specification and etc.
    I’m currently evaluating the feasibility of creating custom rules for some practice not readily available from the build-in profile, but important to my team’s SDLC automation.

    Here are two scenarios for consideration:
    1) We have our own project template depending on type of mule app creating. We want to be able to notify the developer if the template for the project they are working on is of the latest version. If not, preferably, we want to either auto update the template file, point out which place needs code upgrade, or simply show a link to the correct file.

    2) We have a json file which hosts metadata of the project, and is to be used for automation of CICD and documentation. It would be very helpful if rules can be created to validate the content.

    These are two of a few fringe cases I would like to explore and assess upon the limit of IZ Analyzer’s programmability.

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