Code Quality Reviews: Annual Trend Survey Report : 2022

Code Quality Reviews: Annual Trend Survey Report : 2022

Jan 10
Business and Tech

MuleSoft Automated Code Quality Review – Why IZ Analyzer?

In the API driven integration ecosystem, Mulesoft™ is an industry leader. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Studio and Anypoint Platform offer rapid development speed, resulting in easy, fast, and scalable API development. It is indeed enterprising and more and more clients are leveraging MuleSoft for their iPass solutioning. With the speed of API development that MuleSoft offers, the …

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Apr 23

Accelerating C4E Adoption: Vlog 3: Code Review

In this video, we explain how Automated Code Quality Review can be achieved with the help of IZ Analyzer. We demonstrate Anypoint Studio plugin that helps review the code based on pre-defined set of rules in real-time.

Code review
Nov 13
Code Quality

Why automated code quality should be the number one priority for Mulesoft applications?

Mulesoft is an industry leader in the API management and iPaaS segment. An increasing number of companies are working with Mulesoft products for all their integration needs. This means more and more APIs and integration implementations are added into the enterprise’s backlog. But what about MuleSoft Code Quality? Since we use an industry leading integration …