IZ Analyzer – Scanning API Projects

IZ Analyzer – Scanning API Projects

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Mar 30

GraphQL: Next step towards building a client-centric API

REST has been ruling the API industry for a long while now. One of all the reasons why REST has been so successful is that REST is highly optimized for servers.
But for a long time, we have been focussing on creating APIs which are highly optimized for servers and not clients. GraphQL lets you build APIs which are more client-centric than ever.

Mar 23

Designing a System API

In this read, I have attempted to highlight basic features that should be present in every System API. A poorly designed System API will always need enhancements or other process/experience APIs built on top of it, to get the best out of it.

Feb 3
Business and Tech

Error Responses in APIs: Are we doing justice to them?

Out of all the concepts, best practices, and principles that are talked about an API and its design, the one that usually given the lesser importance is an API error response. A part reason for this shortcoming is that everyone is happy till the time API is working fine. So lets put little thought into how should we treat the failure of an API function.

Jan 27
Business and Tech

API Management – For SOAP APIs

Learn to develop SOAP Web Services using Mule, deploy it on Anypoint Runtime Manager and manage the deployed Web Services using Anypoint API Manager by applying policies.

Dec 9

Securing APIs – Think End-to-End

With the API economy being a key enabler for turning your business or organisation into a platform, most organisations have started to roll out APIs.