IZ Exch2exch

IZ Exch2exch

IZ Exch2Exch PlugIn simplifies the movement of assets and applications between MuleSoft Exchanges, typically reducing the effort needed by Anypoint Administrators from weeks to minutes. It has been tried and tested in real world use cases. One of our clients who needed to move 300 APIs which would have normally taken 100 days reduced this effort to one day, freeing up 99 days of Administrators time to focus on BAU activity.

Clone Assets between

Saves hundreds of hours of

No maintenance required

Browser-based and

Support reassignment of
asset ownership



  • High resource cost due to manual scripting or manual processes
  • Several months of effort to migrate assets for most large organisations
  • Manual process introduce errors and bug creating delays and maintenance problems



  • Backup/copy assets across systems
  • Disaster recovery – Export and Import of assets
  • Works with Anypoint Exchange, Amazon S3, Bitbucket, Github
  • Complete wizard driven zero coding
  • No additional server/software to host functionality
  • Everything runs on browser



No Transactional Data Access

  • No access to PII or any type of transactional/sensitive data

Usage Analytics

  • Only operational tool usage details captured for KPI reporting and usage analytics

Assets Live at Customer Org

  • All patterns/templates/assets live at user accessible locations (Exchange, SCM repositories, etc)

No Firewall or VPN Access

  • Uses only Anypoint Platform APIs for access of resources

No Server or Outside Access

  • Extension is fully isolated and not accessible over the intranet or internet

Browser Based

  • Uses Chrome Browser with latest security updates and extension management features

Anypoint Based Authentication

  • Uses Anypoint Platform Logged in Email ID for checking licensing

User ACL done by Anypoint Platform

  • Uses standard Anypoint and other system APIs for working – which user already has access to



Reduce migration effort from months to hours. Also, increase quality and reduce errors and bugs.

Backup assets to Amazon S3, Bitbucket, Github for Disaster Recovery

Serverless and browser-based technology - zero maintenance

Wizard driven interface that requires no technical knowledge

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