Dec 9

Securing APIs – Think End-to-End

With the API economy being a key enabler for turning your business or organisation into a platform, most organisations have started to roll out APIs.

Nov 22

Deciding size of Anypoint VPC

This is part two of the three blog series on Anypoint VPC. You can checkout other two blogs like What is Anypoint VPC(Virtual Private Cloud)? and Connecting Anypoint VPC to Customer On-Premise. In this blog we will try to explore all the aspects around sizing of Anypoint VPC with relevant examples. Why consider Sizing at …

Code review
Nov 13
Code Quality

Why automated code quality should be the number one priority for Mulesoft applications?

Mulesoft is an industry leader in the API management and iPaaS segment. An increasing number of companies are working with Mulesoft products for all their integration needs. This means more and more APIs and integration implementations are added into the enterprise’s backlog. But what about MuleSoft Code Quality? Since we use an industry leading integration …

Feb 10

Choosing Worker Size in CloudHub

Running applications in Mulesoft’s CloudHub is probably the easiest way for any organization using Mule to manage and deploy applications. It guarantees; 99.99% up-time per annum, zero downtime during application deployment, easy management of properties, flow monitoring, application insights, persistent queues, schedulers tracking, persistent object stores, and the list goes on. CloudHub is a component …

Jan 30

Externalising Mule 3.x Properties

Properties always make life easier. When it comes to Mule, there is a sweet and simple set of functionality to load properties based on the environment. Usually, a property file is used in the environment where the application is getting deployed, however, this involves creating multiple property files, one for each environment e.g. Dev, QA, …