Apr 23

Mule 4 Scheduler in Multi-Worker Environment

In MuleSoft projects, when there is a business requirement to self trigger a process, it can be realized in two unique ways:  Without human intervention Or Without external system invocation This is based on two further basic approaches: Schedule based (cron)  Time interval based  MuleSoft Scheduler MuleSoft provides the following scheduling mechanisms: Fixed Frequency schedule: Can …

Apr 1

MUnit Testing Done Right

Writing unit test cases is the key requirement of any MuleSoft implementation. But in many organizations, you end up skipping to write the unit test cases in MuleSoft applications – since it is considered as too time-consuming or is too complex to write. And even in cases where test cases are written, they are generic …

BusinessGroups & Environments
Mar 31
Business and Tech

Mulesoft: Anypoint Platform Business Group Limit

Overview Anypoint Platform configuration is a key challenge for any MuleSoft Solution Architect. Any client, small or large, would have multiple lines of Business or Business Units. They might be grouped within centralized or decentralized teams or even run single or multiple projects at any given time. MuleSoft has the concept of Business Groups. These …

Mar 15
Business and Tech

Developing GraphQL in MuleSoft

GraphQL benefits and whether it trumps API or works alongside it is a discussion for another blog post. This blog post takes a very quick walk-through of the GraphQL router from MuleSoft – aimed at developers to quickly get things up and running and try it out for themselves. Step 1: Install GraphQL Router GraphQL …

code analyzer
Mar 5
Code Quality

IZ Analyzer Quality review

The quickest way to check your Mulesoft code quality is here. Built on the robust IZ Analyzer engine, this tool automatically scans your Mule project for over 180+ industry standard rules. We made this short video to illustrate how you can quality check your Mule projects absolutely free. Happy Analyzing! Try our Online Scanner now: …