Sep 27
Code Coverage

Customer Success Stories: Why IZ Analyzer Is a Game Changer

IZ Analyzer, a dynamic code analysis tool, has garnered significant praise from a diverse range of clients, each with their own unique perspectives on what makes it stand out. Client Feedback: A Deep Dive Client from a Fortune 500 beverage manufacturing: Specialized MuleSoft Code Scanning For this global leader in the beverage industry, the specialization …

IZ Analyzer - Pharma Rules
Jul 26

Ensuring Software Quality in Healthcare: Leveraging IZ Analyzer for MuleSoft Code Scanning 🏥💻

Ensuring software quality in the healthcare industry is a top priority, with direct implications for patient safety, data security, and regulatory compliance. Healthcare software development requires adherence to specific rules and best practices to meet the unique challenges of the industry. In this blog post, we will explore essential software quality rules specific to healthcare …

IZ Analyzer Dashboard
Jun 21

Mule OWASAP API Security Top 10 – Broken Object Level Authorization

In Mule, Object-Level Authorization refers to the process of controlling access to specific objects or resources within an application based on the permissions of the authenticated user. It ensures that users can only perform operations on objects for which they have appropriate authorization. To demonstrate a broken Object-Level Authorization example in Mule, let’s consider a …

May 25

How KongZap Revolutionises Kong Gateway Deployment

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face numerous challenges. Faster time to market is the only option business can choose. When it comes end to end Kong Gateway life cycle from deploying to managing Kong Gateway, every one of these challenges is applicable. However, KongZap, a groundbreaking solution is a game-changer by addressing some …

IZ Analyzer - static code analysis
Apr 25
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Static Code Analysis: 10 Ways It Saves You Time, Money, and Headaches

As software development becomes increasingly complex and the demand for high-quality software grows, it is essential for developers to adopt tools and practices that help them create better code. Static code analysis is one such tool that has gained popularity in recent years. Static code analysis is a process of analyzing code without actually executing …

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🚀Evolve from static to runtime MuleSoft code analysis with IZ Analyzer’s upcoming Runtime Analyzer feature!

👨‍💻 Over the past two years, IZ Analyzer has established itself as the undisputed market leader in MuleSoft static code analysis. But we’re not stopping there – we’re excited to announce the upcoming release of our Runtime Analyzer feature, taking code analysis to the next level. 🔝 👀 Our research has revealed a ticking time …

Code Quality

Top 10 most expensive software coding mistakes in the last 2 decades

We tend to compromise on code quality due to tight project delivery timelines. Sometimes, this lack of due diligence results in massive financial loss and significant damage to reputation. Here is a list of the most expensive coding mistakes in the last 2 decades. 1️⃣⏩ RNASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter: In 1999, a software error caused …

Mar 29

Identifying the right Automated Code Quality tool for your Mulesoft projects

Congratulations on realizing the importance of code quality automation! If you are reading this article, you are perhaps thinking about the same question thousands of other MuleSoft customers are confused about – which is the best tool for automating MuleSoft project code review. Below I attempt to give an unbiased compasion based on my own …

Mar 16

A Comprehensive Comparison of SonarQube Plugin and IZ Analyzer: Which MuleSoft Code Analysis Tool is Right for You?

One of our prospects evaluating IZ Analyzer, who is currently using MuleSoft SonarQube Plugin, wondered how we are different. For the benefit of everyone, here is a quick comparison: 1️⃣ Rule Language MuleSoft SonarQube plugin uses XPATH. XPath expressions can be longer and more complex due to the structure of XML documents, which can be …

Mar 8

Test Your Mule Knowledge

We often don’t pay sufficient importance to code review in MuleSoft projects due to tight delivery schedules, limited budgets or lack of expertise. Do you know that it is 30x more expensive to fix an issue in Production compared to Development? Here is a fun exercise for you. Below code contains a number of violations …


MuleSoft common coding mistakes #3 – Lack of encryption for sensitive data

MuleSoft applications may not encrypt sensitive data, such as passwords, which could result in data breaches. This data may be present anywhere in the Mule code including XML, RAML or properties. Integral Zone’s IZ Analyzer can identify such sensitive information in the properties file and prompt the developers in real-time to encrypt them through Anypoint …

Feb 17

MuleSoft common coding mistakes #2 – Inadequate access control

MuleSoft applications may have weak access control policies, which could allow unauthorized access to sensitive data. Below RAML example shows a simple API using HTTPS protocol but without access control in place. Integral Zone’s static code analyis plugin, IZ Analyzer, provides two out-of-the-box rules to automatically identify such security issues. Above screeshot shows IZ Analyzer in …